RIIR - Rewrite It In Rust

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RIIR - Rewrite It In Rust

Post by antae »

Dependency on rust removes support for a number of platforms #5771
Developers of a widely used python library attempted to introduce a dependency written in Rust, which made the package impossible to be used on a number of architectures.
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Re: RIIR - Rewrite It In Rust

Post by otw-refugee »

Rust is kind of like systemd in that regard, doesn't work very well outside of x86 hardware running linux, because they don't want to or can't port it to other archs.
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Re: RIIR - Rewrite It In Rust

Post by Naib »

lol, way to alienate a load of people and damn they don't know the significance of version numbers...

rust does sound interesting (although julia and golang are on my radar) but it is gaining cult-like status where those that question it's usage are trolling and can be dismissed as trolls
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Re: RIIR - Rewrite It In Rust

Post by etnull »

You think, wow, I'm free of Microsoft now, I can pick and choose whatever I want on my system, it is freedom, it is Unix. Then comes some dickhead dev and makes hard dep on systemd or some other junk because he can't code, or do it safely, and here goes your dreams of freedom flushed to the toilet.
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Re: RIIR - Rewrite It In Rust

Post by Leonardo.b »

rustc is like the yogurt.
You need it to make it.

I don't trust.
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