You got a licence to deliver food there, mate?

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You got a licence to deliver food there, mate?

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I turned on the TV yesterday and saw a show was on called "Police Interceptors", as far as I could tell it was about the TV crew going with the UK police patrols and filming them in action.

One of the segments was about a car driving "suspiciously slowly"; turns out the poor fella (some foreign-looking man, maybe Indian or from one of the Arabic countries, had a local accent though so probably second-generation immigrant) was just trying to make some extra money by delivering food but, get this, didn't have the right car insurance/permit to do so!

Needless to say I had a good laugh. :lol: Seriously though, is the UK really this bad with their loicences? Are the jokes actually true?
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Re: You got a licence to deliver food there, mate?

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That would be business use. Business use car insurance is expensive.
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