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bad ram

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a friend of mine asked me to help with his computer (lenovo yoga). his windows did not boot anymore even after a clean install. he suspected the RAM to be a problem and was willing to accept linux on that machine if it would run as the RAM was soildered on MOBO.

memtest showed after 1min of running several bad pages. linux booted fine. installation and run was successfull. i wonder why linux is more tolerant to bad ram. this is my second experience where i could resurrect a ram based brick with linux.

finally i did configure the badram params in grub kernel line. think that pc can go now to the owner.
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Re: bad ram

Post by Smug »

Back in 2001 or so I took a PC apart for cleaning and quickly threw it back together. I took the opportunity to re-install Windows 2k while I had it offline. I think I might have installed some new hardware as well. I had a dual boot of Windows 2k and Mandrake on that system. Was trying to live in Linux but was still booting into Windows pretty often for some multimedia software and video games.

I didn't get one of the RAM sticks fully seated when I put everything back together. Didn't find out for weeks. It was in far enough that the BIOS was seeing all 512MB or 1GB. Mandrake hummed along for days at a time with no problems. When I booted into Win2k it would run fine for hours or sometimes days until it'd BSoD. The error codes it threw weren't very helpful.

I re-installed Windows 2k two or three more times trying to chase the problem down. I couldn't replicate the crash no matter what I tried. I was sure it was in the software because Linux was running fine and Win2k had been running fine before the initial re-install. At some point I took it back apart in desperation. That's when I discovered I was an idiot and hadn't fully seated one of the RAM sticks. Never had that problem again. Now I always double check.

I don't know why Linux handles this better. In my experience with NT kernel it really hates bad RAM.
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Re: bad ram

Post by RoGeorge »

Wow, never heard about marking bad RAM, thanks! :)
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