What FARC ate

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What FARC ate

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https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/w ... 64bc7e542d
The night before, Ricardo Semillas and his neighbors had cooked like they were still rebels in the FARC-EP (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia - Ejército del Pueblo). They had patiently kneaded eggs, water, and salt into flour. They then carefully divided the dough into balls, and flattened them until they became translucent, like soft chiffon. When hot oil touched the dough sheets, it puffed them up like a breeze filling a curtain. Once golden, the dough had become cancharinas, which is known amongst the group as “the bread of guerrilleros.”
I want a recipe for cancharinas. Anyone know where I can find one?
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Re: What FARC ate

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This quote seems to be a pretty much ready-to-use recipe.

Hints: Use a large, wooden board for the whole process, a bowl or something like that won't cut it.
Sieve the flour into a small pile, make a hole in the middle, 2 glasses worth of flour will be a reasonable amount to experiment with.
Pour a tiny bit of boiling water in the middle of the flour pile, and start mixing it. Mix if with a knife if you're worried about getting burns from boiling water. When water is absorbed, add a little more. Or add an egg instead.
Kneed it until it's smooth and somewhat springy. If it seems too dry, add a little bit of water, but if you overdo it, the whole thing will get slick and soapy and you will have to ad more flour to absorb it and kneed it much more to mix everything.

Eggs are optional when making dough, Not quite sure what the upper limit is. 1 or 2 should be ok here, but you will probably have to experiment a bit.
Flatten the dough to like 1-2mm thickness, cut to pieces and throw on a hot frying pan. Deep grease will make a more even and golden result than a dry pan (which works too).

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