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Re: need a new dumbphone

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RoGeorge wrote: Thu Sep 09, 2021 9:28 pm
Shta wrote: Thu Sep 09, 2021 7:03 pm My friends already saw some small (too small to be manned) flying units over main roads. It's getting real.
That's interesting. Where? Any other details? How reliable is the source?
Poland. I don't want to make the location more specific, though it wasn't a swarm (yet).
People I know personally, I know to be independent thinkers and capable individuals, and who have no reason to lie to me. For me it's top notch source.
So... How much confidence do you have in an argumentative stranger on the internet me?
Don't answer. It's your confidence :lol:
Another thing we do know is that military devices like radars (working in 5GHz range shared with 5GHz ac wifi) cause deforestation of the surrounding areas.
I think that's because they put hundreds kilowatts into their antennas.
Yes, it is possible. I also heard that 5GHz interferes with ionic pump - or whatever it's called - used by plants to move water up the trunk. Those trees do not get burnt. They dehydrate.
Our phones do not emit so much, something in range up to 5 watts I think
Unlicensed PMRs (AKA walkie-talkie) in Europe are limited (by law) to 0.5W. AFAIR I got similar readings from my phone and modem when I put EMF meter next to them.
I decided to move that modem from my laptop to a wifi router on the other side of the house. Achievement unlocked: [Tinfoil hat]
As a radio ham, I can say that if we move from 800MHz to 5GHz we need to lower the power we put into antennas but increase the density of transmitting points.
Yes, this is the sensible thing to do. This is also what we've been told would be done.
And at the same time TX power limit for BTS was raised by a factor of 100 and then removed completely, which you as a ham will surely agree is just an absurd move.
But it's been done, even though it's absurd. Let it sink in: Someone actually put enough effort to push this stupid legislation through our parliament. And since it makes absolutely no sense, I have to ask WHY?
Just pointing it out.
But I also can say that 500W power into a quadrant antenna made on a perimeter of my balcony also make a headache after 3-4 hours of working near it,
For lack of personal experience with strong radiation, I'll take your word on that. Thanks for sharing,
P. S. It makes sense to recheck with water spectroscopy, at which frequencies water absorbs the most energy, but I'm sure that is out of 5GHz band
Microwave ovens work in 2.4GHz band for a reason.
I recall something mentioned in college as a fun fact: this wavelength carries as much energy as it takes to rotate an OH group. It's perfect for heating water up. (I've dropped out half-way through my chemistry degree in favor of IT career. Engineering is almost as cool as science AND it pays my bills)

PS: is it a good time to split 5G discussion to another topic?
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