This gentleman doesn't follow rules very well

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This gentleman doesn't follow rules very well

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WATCH: MSNBC calls Waukesha massacre an 'accident'

Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm, 58, released a statement Monday admitting Darrell Brooks should not have been released on a $7,500 bail earlier this month

Bail reform has led to some interesting situations. Violent repeat offenders have been getting let right back into their community to continue their mayhem. Most just don't do stuff to this level, drawing attention to the problem. The idea originally was that poor non-violent offenders that could not pay were disproportionately hurt by the current system. Somewhere along the way it devolved to violent offenders being let out on Personal Recognizance bonds.

In my city we have had the victims, or in homicide cases, the surviving relatives, coming out and asking why was this person, who was arrested for murder, let right back out the same or next day? They were arrested for violent crimes, and let back out and continued the crime spree. They are beginning to figure out that they voted in the people doing it to them.
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Re: This gentleman doesn't follow rules very well

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Lighting falling and hitting someone ... is an accident
A volcano firing off and destroying a city ... is an accident

Some asshole running from the cops in a car, not caring who they run over in the process is not an accident
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Re: This gentleman doesn't follow rules very well

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Just shows how slanted the media is. If he was white, he would be a labeled a white supremacist for running over white people.
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