MInd is nothing but a draft simulation to predict the future

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MInd is nothing but a draft simulation to predict the future

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- the physical world is more complex and very different than what we experience
- out of the entirety of the physical world out there, we build an internal representation of only a small part of it
- while awake, we continuously run this limited model in our brains
- technically, this is a simulation of the physical world, using only the brief internal model we have
- in casual, day-to-day behavior, this simulation is what we consider to be the "reality", or the real world
- we run this simulation in order to make predictions, that gives us an advantage at staying alive and in one piece

- mind is a driven illusion, a simulation using this reduced model of the physical world, simulation that is continually adjusted to match with the data stream coming from our senses

Being sentient is all about running a live simulation, and based on what we sense, to continually adjust this internal simulation, so for it to be in sync with the physical world, yet slightly ahead of the physical world, thus allowing us to predict and to avoid stepping into disadvantageous situations.

This dude, Joscha Bach, thinks about the same. I wonder if everybody else thinks about the same. Enjoy!

Joscha Bach: Nature of Reality, Dreams, and Consciousness | Lex Fridman Podcast #212

If you liked it, same invitee in the same podcast from about a year ago:

Joscha Bach: Artificial Consciousness and the Nature of Reality | Lex Fridman Podcast #101
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